Volunteering Requirements at SCS

Get Involved — Volunteer!

The St. Catharine School motto speaks to our community’s commitment to living a well-balanced Christian life. As parents, we consistently strive to demonstrate by our actions those virtues and behaviors we wish to foster in our children.


St. Catharine School provides countless opportunities for parents to demonstrate the virtue of service to our children. One way, in particular, is for members of our PTA (every parent and guardian with a child at the school is a PTA member) to volunteer your time at different events throughout the school year.

Protecting God’s Children Background Check Process:


Fingerprinting and Virtus


New Volunteers

Visit www.virtus.org

Make an account. You may sign up for a class/session at one of our area church’s or if you have confirmed with Tammy Sablom in the Child Protection Office you may be eligible for a at home video link. If this is the case when it is time to select a session just hit “continue.”

Once you have made your account email child protection your full name, email, phone and your new “username” for your Virtus account.

If you are attending a class once you have attended the class email a copy of your certificate to the child protection office.

If you are having a at home link once completed send a copy of the certificate to the child protection office.


New Volunteer Fingerprints

You will have your finger prints done with IdentoGO. You will have to pre-schedule your appointment. You may schedule this appointment on line or by phone.

The website: https://uenroll.identogo.com

Phone: 1-877-503-5981

Our Service CODE: 2F1J3Y and our Contributor Case Number: TRE 070

Your approval letter will go direction to the Diocese of Trenton. Once you are approved you will receive your badge from our office of Child Protection.


Download Fingerprinting Form


Re-Certification Virtus and Renewing Fingerprinting


Re-Certification Virtus:

Every 4 years you must be re-certified. Go to your Virtus account and you may pick a class/ session at one of our area Church’s. If you have talked with the child protection office and are eligible for a at home video link then send your “username”, full name and phone number to childprotection@scsmsl.org

Once you have completed the course send a copy of your certificate to the child protection office.


Renewing your Fingerprints.

You will no longer have your fingerprints checked by the Department of Education

The Diocese of Trenton will now check your fingerprints through your Virtus Account

  1. Send a picture of your badge to childprotection@scsmsl.org
  2. Child protection office will submit the information on your badge to your Virtus account
  3. You will receive an email from the child protection office to go onto your Virtus account and click the “Select” link to prompt you to have a background check. The Diocese of Trenton will conduct the background check. You will not have to physical get your fingerprints done again.
  4. When your badge comes in the child protection office will email you to set a time up to receive it.


If you have any questions please contact the Child Protection Office

Tammy Sablom

childprotection@scsmsl.org or 732-449-5765 ext.105




Volunteer Opportunities with Virtus Badge

  • Recess and Lunch Duty
  • Class Coordinator
  • Class Trip Moderator
  • Santa Sale 
  • Book Fair
  • In School activities or fundraisers where the children are present
  • Upcoming PTA Events & Volunteer Opportunities